Bodies, objects, fabrics

Talking Through Our Bodies: Comfort in Stillness and Motion [Intro]

Under the observation of a fashion designer and a film maker, three subjects are directed to intuitively interact with a range of materials and each other, exploring potential garment forms in a continuous flow of improvised movement, interaction and in stillness. A fashion design process and an improvised performance become simultaneous, interchangeable outcomes. Spontaneous behaviours between bodies and materials are revealed, the unfolding compositions proposed as potential reference points for a fashion collection.

Concept: Kasia Gorniak
Film direction, video & sound: Alisa Javits
Music: Irv Teibel “Environments-induced meditation”
Subjects: Kasper Kamppuri, Petri Lippo, Yilin Ma




Näytös 17, Feeling video

A feeling video for Aalto University fashion show Näytös 17. It gathers emotions, details and pace of those six hours, with preparation, waiting and the final show.

“Näytös 17, the annual student fashion show by the School of Arts, Design and Architecture presents graduate collections from both BA and MA degree students. It is one of the most anticipated fashion events in Finland. The show attracts an audience of over one thousand people every year, including the most influential Finnish and international fashion and design professionals and media representatives, as well as renowned fashion publications, representatives of fashion houses and talent scouts.”

Music: Asusu – Sendak. Livity Sound




Walter Götsch

For designer Walter Götsch.

Video – Alisa Javits
Clothes + text – Walter Götsch
Textile – Aamu Salo
Aerial camera – Aukusti Heinonen





For designer Laura Maldonado’s collection “mimame – collection for the sensory pleasure”

Sculptures – Laura Maldonado
Model – Luna Hallikainen
Music – Ioeo “Egg”

“The pieces are designed to activate different sensations in our body, combining distinct materials and textures which are connected so that we could enjoy a unique experience.
We belong to this multi-sensory world in which our perspective changes constantly. Our actions and thoughts are influenced all the time by what we receive from our environment; what we touch, what we see, in short, by what we feel.
The pieces´ visual strength, the sensuality of their shapes, or even the own weight of the materials, together with the gentleness of the feathers, the cold of the metal and the glass´ or marble´s perfection, allow us to experiment a moment of sensory pleasure, which generates a direct link with them.”

[Laura Maldonado]




Being Otherwise – QueerUp!

Workgroup – Outi Condit, Julius Elo, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Jari Koljonen, Janika Kunnari, Maija Mustonen, Maria Oiva, Linda Priha
Production – Todellisuuden tutkimuskeskus / Reality Research Center
Set design – Teo Paaer
DJ – Kristiina Männikkö
Light – Anttoni Halonen





For IMAGE magazine June issue.
Styling – Nini Bananas
Make-up – Keiku Borgström
Hair – Meron Laine, Priscilla Mmari
Models – Jeanine / Brand, Yilin / Paparazzi
Music – Kanchi – Deuxieme detente




Roots and Bonds

Collection – Ainokainen / Netta Kervinen
Model – Nini Bananas
Make-up – Kata Niemi
Music – Viljami Lehtonen




Hanne Jurmu, autumn/winter 2011-12

Model – Anton Vartiainen
Music – The Poetize Code – My Planet




Shiosai – Sound of Eternity

Collection – Päivi Merviö
Models – Saara Heikkilä, Vuokko Meriläinen
Hair and makeup – Camilla Pönkkä
Music – Viljami Lehtonen